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Barnecourt Solutions

Initially set up in Dartmoor, Devon and serving the South West, Barnecourt Solutions provides a unique combination of consultancy and implementation of Information Technology and Software Services for business and personal users.

The emphasis behind the company is a long term relationship through the introduction and enhancement of software solutions to meet the customers current and future needs. An "evolution rather than revolution" approach tied into the customers requirements, timescale and budget.

We work with the customer, regardless of business sector or organisation size, identify the needs of the business, finalise a program and then implement against an agreed timescale. This could involve the introduction of a web based entry solution leading to a customer/supplier order progress and sales support system. A final goal, if appropriate, being the automation of internal business processes and integration with associated online solutions. Or it could be as simple as configuring a database or spreadsheet using an off the shelf application such as Microsoft Access or Excel.

We are able to offer

  • A complete ICT service of
    • Computer/Network installation and maintenance
    • "Off The Shelf" application development
    • Web based application development and maintenance
    • Web/Office Integration
    • Software Development
  • Competitive rates that enable payback through increased performance/productivity
  • A friendly "part of the business, part of the solution" approach
  • A professional and quality supply service based on 30+ years of experience

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